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Delivering leading orthopedic care to patients throughout New England, specializing in athletic and work-related injuries

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Subchondroplasty Procedure

August 14, 2018

If you have knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, and have tried cortisone injections without significant pain relief, but are not quite ready to undergo a total knee replacement, you may be a candidate for a less invasive surgical approach.

Advances in Rotator Cuff Repair

July 10, 2018

Active in orthopedic research, we are excited about a new technology introduced for better surgical outcomes for rotator cuff repair surgery. "The Regeneten Bioinductive Implant stimulates the body’s natural healing response to support new tendon growth and disrupt disease progression. Derived from highly purified bovine Achilles tendon, it creates an environment that is conducive to healing."

Now offering Zilretta injections for osteoarthritis of the knee

June 13, 2018

If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, and only experienced short-lasting pain relief from an intra-articular cortisone injection, Zilretta, a long-acting cortisone, may be right for you.

Suffering from adhesive capsulitis?  //

"Frozen shoulder" or adhesive capsulitis, is one common cause of shoulder pain seen frequently in our clinic. "Sleeper stretches" are quite effective in regaining shoulder mobility and decreasing pain. Please note - should your shoulder pain not resolve with conservative measures including physical therapy or home exercises, additional imaging may be necessary to rule out other causes.


Welcome to Greater Boston Orthopedic Center!


Located inside the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex, we are staffed by New England Baptist Hospital Physicians with over 20 years of experience in treating sports-related injuries, as well as many other orthopedic conditions.

Our goal is to offer thoughtful assessment and diagnosis, as well as timely and accessible treatment for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

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Diagnostic Imaging

We offer the convenience of x-ray, state of the art open MRI, and physical therapy services located on-site. 

We also now offer Vision Scope Imaging. VSI is an in-office diagnostic exam that allows for high-definition, direct visualization inside of your joint, which provides insight into the root cause of your discomfort. 

Providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches to a variety of orthopedic conditions
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle, including:

    • Rotator cuff repair

    • Shoulder instability

    • Meniscal repair vs. meniscectomy

    • ACL reconstruction

    • Tendon reconstruction

    • Patella instability

  • Total knee replacement

  • Intra-articular cortisone injections

  • Tendon injections

  • Visco-supplementation injections

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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